About Us

We are proud to continue an Arkansas 50s-style diner tradition at Dairy Dip Diner in Van Buren. A family-owned and operated Arkansas 50s-style diner, we are continuing in Van Buren, a legacy started in 1952 with the original Dairy Dip Diner in Mulberry.

Founded by Walter Sheppard and eventually purchased by Nathan Hunter, the Dairy Dip Diner in Mulberry was originally a “carry out only” establishment. Finally, as the 50s-style diner’s reputation grew, we saw the need to build an east-side dining room and a west-side gaming room (which we converted into additional seating in 2000) with fun 50s decor.

Over the years, our Mulberry location has had the honor of serving our 50s-style hometown cooking to local and international celebrities and politicians, including the governor of Arkansas. This diner has survived the ups and downs of the past 60 years, but in true Mulberry fashion, it has stood the test of time.

Since 2019, Dairy Dip Diner in Van Buren has been home to much of Van Buren’s history, from budding teenager romances to engagements to birth announcements to contract signings to marriage proposals to local sports championships and everything in between. Our customers and employees are like our family. We look forward to following in the footsteps of our Mulberry predecessor in becoming the center of life and activity in Van Buren.

We are excited to be part of Van Buren’s future for the next 60 years.

The Dairy Dip Diner in Van Buren is home for those cruising across the country and those who live just down the road. We offer quality food in a clean, comfortable atmosphere. Our extensive menu includes world-class burgers, 50s favorites, southern dinners, shakes and malts, and much more.

You can find us at 2414 Alma Highway, Van Buren, AR 72956, on the south side of Alma Highway. Our doors are open Monday through 10 AM to 8 PM and closed on Sunday. We look forward to your next visit.